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Aluminum Structural Glazing

Structural glazing offered by us is a modern architectural marvel as this heavy duty glazing can easily resist and withstand wind pressure. It can also withstand the corresponding beam displacement and provide safety from air and water infiltration. Structural Glazing is widely used in corporate and commercial buildings and the construction industry. Our diligent workforce has all the expertise required for designing these glazing which are in huge demand in the domestic as well as international markets. Some of the technical details about structural glazing are enlisted below: Structural calculations are done to ensure that proposed sections are capable to withstanding the wind pressure and other loads Glass is well supported and held properly Properly designed gaskets (EPDM or Neoprene) is used which can withstand vibration that originate due to heavy winds and expansions due to temperature Fixing of the frame to structure is so designed which ensures that expansion and contraction in building structure due to temperature variation is not passed on to frame Structural sealant is properly used as per manufacture specification Horizontal to vertical joints should be through well-designed concealed cleats read more..

Glass Walls

The organization is engaged in manufacturing and trading Curtain Wall Glazing Systems, which are fabricated by using quality aluminum as raw material. We have all the latest machines and technologies in place, which help us in manufacturing world class glazing systems. Our product is offered at industry leading prices and is also customized as per the specifications of our valued clients. We take acre of the following points while designing curtain wall glazing system: Aluminum sections: Color anodized for main frame (Tubular shape) consisting of horizontals and verticals designed to withstand wind pressure up to 150kg/m2 in additions to supporting dead load are provided; assembly is made to ensure proper drainage of water Frame work is made with vertical and horizontal tubular sections with provision for weather stripping; joints are provided to ensure water drainage system Some of the technical specifications about the aluminum frame provided with the curtain wall are as follows:
Vertical: 100 x 55 (2.2 kg/mt)
Horizontal: 62 x 55 (1.8 kg/mt)
Glazing plate: 6 x 55 (0.53 kg/mt)
Cover channel: 15 x 56 (0.32 kg/mt)
EPDM gasket is fixed on all four edges of glass ensure proper holding & weather tightness read more..

Aluminum Composite Panale (ACP ) Claddings

Aluminum factory-made from Aluminum and alternative alloying parts. sometimes is 1st processed into casting merchandise, solid merchandise, and foil, plates, strips, tubes, rods, profiles, created by cold bending, sawing, drilling, assembling, painting, and alternative processes. the most chemical element is Aluminum, and some alloying parts to boost the performance of the Al material. With the assistance of manufacturer will produce Aluminum composite panels Aluminum windows India, Aluminum doors India, Aluminum sheet traders India, flat solid fabrication, Aluminum fabricators in more..

Aluminum Windows & Doors

These Aluminum doors show nice resistance against heat and have the flexibility to wear down the foremost troublesome conditions and temperatures. as a result of their air tight quality they function nice thermal insulators and don't let outside temperature have an effect on the within temperature of the area. which suggests that in spite of however hot or cold is that the temperature outside your home, it'll not be have an effect on the inside because it are shielded from the atmospheric condition with the assistance of those air tight doors and Aluminum windows.

Metal wall cladding and roof coverings

Cladding is a collective term to denote any covering laid on a building, whether of primary or secondary type, whether on roof or walls. However, in trade parlance it denotes wall cladding or cladding/covering used vertically.Technically, same sheets can be used for Roof as well as for Walls, since vertical cladding, especially for the front elevation has architectural and aesthetic implications that outweigh other considerations, special systems are designed for Wall Claddings, even for Industrial Buildings to impart an aesthetic look and feel.Multicolor offers a wide variety of systems especially designed to meet architectural demands and meet aesthetic standards.

Long Lasting and Easy Maintenance
Corrosion Resistant
Lightweight but Strong
Can be used as Primary Wall cladding
Available in customized lengths
Easy to install
Excellent flexibility in design
Can be curved& shaped for individual designs

Fundermax (HPL ) cladding.

The virtually limitless variety of possible designs make Max Exterior panels an innovative companion Exterior cladding panels from FunderMax add to the aesthetic appearance of a building in a wide variety of forms: from exciting simulations of wood, stone or metal patterns and vibrant colours to digital designs that allow you to adorn your façade with a motif. There are a selection of formats and mounting methods available with secret or visible fixing of the cladding panels, perforations, CNC milling to special shapes etc. We will be happy to explore with you the full range of creativity more..